Music From Fred Latimore




I've been playing music for 58 years. Played in local bands in "The San Francisco Bay Area" for the last 46 years. I'd like to give a special thanks to my fellow players for sticking with me for so long. We've had some great times!!! Danny Gallegos, John Martin, and Bob Luvisi thanks for the last 36 years of music. Also thanks to all of the old timers Dennis, Bob, Greg A., Steve B., Kenn, Jim, Johnny, Cheryl, John, Mike, Salvo Glick, Marcus, Greg H., and Steve thanks for "the great times and trips". Thanks to Jeff, Todd, Dave, and Benny G. for the great night at the "Los Altos Downtown Holiday Walk" that changed my focus on music. I'd also like to acknowledge the Passages players Tom G. and Noah R. for the great Tuesday nights in Malibu!!!

"God Bless You All"

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